I'm back

Nostalgia is my arch enemy, it's always in the background tempting me away from the new and exciting into the old and familiar. When this happens I have learned from experience to kick nostalgia squarely in the bollocks and run for the hills but sometimes the little bugger catches me off guard. On the 29th of September Wildstar went free to play and as someone who was heavily invested in the game at launch I'll be interested to see what Carbine have in store to lure the crowds back. As a few of my gaming friends are interested in taking another look like any good guildy I will tag along and see how deep the rabbit hole goes this time around. I shall be doing an article on Wildstar covering what is new and how the game feels in its new free-to-play model.


The MMO scene has taken a bit of a battering as of late and while there are still promising developments on the horizon it all just seems to have gone off the boil. A few years back it seemed like everyone was trying to cash in on the success Blizzard were having with Warcraft but now even the King of MMOs is looking tired and old. Guild Wars 2, Elder Scrolls Online and Wildstar all never really hit the highs their respective developers promised they would and yet they still endure. ESO and Guildwars 2 still have a lot going for them and the latter is wading in with Heart of Thorns next month, a fully fledged expansion from Arenanet who said there would never be a fully fledged expansion: I guess that shows you can never really say never in gaming (unless it's Half Life 3). Sadly for now I'll have to watch others play this due to commitments to other games but let's hope it provides the goods. Once the dust settles from the Wildstar reloaded launch and Heart of Thorns has been live for a few weeks I'll be taking a more in depth look at where the MMO scene is at and where we can expect it to head in the future.


I wrapped up my review for Mad Max last week and with that out of the way I can turn my attention to a few articles I've been wanting to focus on: if you've not played Mad Max yet check out out in the reviews section. If I'm honest I enjoyed taking screenshots as much as the actual gameplay, this isn't to say this game was boring but the camera mode really does lend itself to anyone who loves to spend time getting that perfect shot: it also helps that the game is utterly gorgeous.

I've had a quiet few weeks to prepare for the onslaught that will be Autumn in the gaming calendar. The obvious eye of the storm here will be Fallout 4 but there are also a few other interesting games  launching themselves upon us in the coming months and so I thought it wise to get some downtime while I can. My Blue gaming microphone arrived this week and coupled with Adobe Premier I should now be able to start producing decent video footage. However I did promise myself I would also completely refit my gaming bunker and after watching Martian last night I'm being inspired to do some awesome modifications to my set up: for science! Last of all I have been playing through all the availble episodes of Life is Strange this week and with the concluding chapter dropping in five days expect a full review shortly after. So that is all I have for now guys, if you enjoy the site please tell your friends about me and I hope your gaming is epic wherever you are.

Peace Out.