Atomic fun

Heya guys,


So let's get the obvious right out of the door, I've been playing Fallout 4 - a lot. Obviously my site is still small fry and advanced review copies are not an option, so I had to hit the ground running on the 10th but it has been an awesome ride. If you head over to the reviews section you will find my ten pennies worth about this gigantic game that also comes with a few caveats and bumps: but ultimately I'm giving Fallout 4 a big thumbs up. With that said I am still not even close to being done with the apocalypse but as a certain other game released on the 19th of November I am going to have to put my incessant scavenging on hold because Assassins Creed Syndicate has just dropped on PC and you can now also see my opinions on the latest offering from Ubisoft.


It's a shame that it received a later release date, in a way it steals some of PC focused reviewers thunder because in many people's eyes the game has already run its course in the media and most console owners have played and beaten it. Of course a later release date is always vastly preferential to a shoddy port being kicked out of the doors that barely works. While my audience is primarily PC gamers I also want to help present the advantages of PC gaming to console owners so then they at least have the information to make an informed choice. It's not that they don't know the PC exists but often our platform gets far less attention - unless there's a shit storm over a bad port: as they say there is no news like bad news.

Last week we heard that the next expansion for Don't Starve (Shipwrecked) will be hitting beta in December, which for me signifies many late nights with my friends screaming 'the base is on fire' or 'there's a turkey in the berry bushes!' I often wonder if we ever did have a real fire in the house how long it would take for my wife to notice what I was saying. This new chapter sets sail into the, up until now, unreachable realm of the sea and so once again ways to die will also undoubtedly increase accordingly. The developers (Klea) have so far done an amazing job of updating the game and also letting the keen modding community go wild with their creations and ideas. The base game is a single player affair but you can also now try the Don't Starve Together beta which for me is a natural progression from the single player game, I have no doubt we will see this awesome game in the upcoming Christmas Steam sale so maybe put it on your wish list. I shall be dedicating a retro review to Don't Starve some time in December, once I am done stepping on mutated scorpions and skulking around London looking for naughty people to assassinate.


There were some very interesting articles flying around last week in the mainstream media, one that caught my eye was one titled 'What Happens When A Video Game Publisher Doesn't Like What The Press is Saying' on Kotaku. No matter whose side you feel more aligned to it certainly makes you consider that usually where money is concerned corruption and mendacious behaviour are not far behind. The games industry is one of the youngest entertainment forms on the planet and yet it is also fast becoming one of the most lucrative. As a brand new site it's easy to feel insignificant compared to the big fish but as long as I keep my integrity under my hat and an eye on the horizon - my only real goal here is to offer honest and well considered reviews for PC games.


Last of all the latest Steam Sale just opened it doors and the first day was to the tune of adventure games - so far I've picked up Subnautica and Wolfenstein: The New Order. I am saving Wolfenstein for a quiet week but after a few hours on Subnautica I can say this is looking like one of the most interesting games I've picked up this year - expect a few videos and preview soon.


As always if you enjoy the site please tell your friends about me, you can follow me on Twitter @riggedforepic and also email me on with feedback or questions. Thanks for reading guys, please check back soon for more PC gaming content.