Inaugural Blog post

Hello guys and welcome to Rigged for Epic. This is my first foray into blogging so it's definitely a little bit daunting but also incredibly exciting. This blog is going to live on the Rigged for Epic website where I will post reviews and articles pertaining to everything PC gaming.

As I type the website is barley formed and still needs a lot of work but hopefully by the time you read this it will have taken shape and have at least a few reviews on there which I've written previously.The first current review I'm unleashing on the world is going to be The Witcher 3 review, which is a hilarious choice considering there are some two hundred hours of gameplay. That said I'm making progress and if I could stop my compulsive herb collecting and playing Gwent we might get done sometime before Christmas! I know that most people who are going to buy the game will have done so by now so this review is a bit late to the party. However I am hoping that if the site takes off I can start to get early access to games and so my reviews will be another opinion you can look for making an informed choice.

Where I hopefully can be helpful to you guys is with historic games that you may never have
played. These will be appearing soon and it will involve me going back and looking at games that have come and gone but are still worth a look. Games like the Metro series spring to mind, I recently purchased the Redux set and played through them start to finish. I can't wait to share my thoughts on why if you have missed them you should really consider taking a look.

So I guess this is as good as anywhere to quickly introduce what this site is going to be focused on and why I'm reviewing games. Well the obvious answer is that I like reviewing games and to spite my loathing for English at school I do now enjoy writing. I write the odd review for Exterminatus which is a gaming community I've been part of for five years now and some members thought I could be good enough to make it more official, so here I am. This content is currently being produced by my good self and so I won't be able to play every game but I will endeavor to play (and review) the games I think are important and worth a good look. If there is a game you guys think needs a good review then I want you to let me know and I'll add it to the list.. unless it's a sports game.

I've got other plans for the sites development but I guess apart from making a home for my rantings I also wish to promote the PC as a gaming platform. The PC is in my opinion is the first and last bastion of gaming freedom. PC gaming has no master, no one owns it and it can be everything we want it to be. I love my PS4 and know that consoles have been a vital part of gaming history indeed the evolution of the industry. However I feel that even today, the PC is sidelined, misunderstood and misrepresented across the board. We are usually the last to get a cross platform game and are more likely to receive poor ports and shoddy support after a game is released. Hell often I see a game adverted at the cinema with XBOX and PS4 emblazoned across the bottom when I know damn well there's a PC version somewhere that looks twice and good. Anyways there plenty of time for all that. This site is for PC gamers who love the platform and want it to prosper.

Ok that's me signing off for now, please if you have any feedback, suggestions or requests fire them my way.

Peace out,