'Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken'


Heya guys, I hope you are all well and good. This week I have been the busiest I've been since I started this project and no mistake. I already knew that games journalists didn't just play games all day but I can now attest to that through my own experience. My Youtube channel is now live and already has three videos uploaded, the first was encoded in the wrong settings from Adobe Premier so looks a little fuzzy but with some training from the Toobs I'm now in the know about such things. I almost feel like Neo downloading new skill sets for every new challenge 'adding music to video in Premier you say?'


I've also spent a considerable portion of my week not only writing my 'retro' review for Dying Light but also capturing/editing footage to use in two 'lets play' videos; if you have never played Dying Light I urge you to take a look or watch my antics to get a taste.  As with anything it's going to take some time to learn what people want and what they don't want. One thing I'm painfully aware of is that the quality of my mic is poor because right now I'm using my headphones; so next on my shopping list is a quality mic and also a webcam that does the job. If anyone has any recommendations I'd welcome them. So yes, I've been working my little socks off but I can also say I'm enjoying every minute of it.


So this week I saw they are to release a keyboard and mouse of sorts for the PS4 and I've got mixed feelings about this. When people ask me what think about console gaming I reply that it's great but some games just need a keyboard and mouse. So what's the problem? Well it all depends on you're set up and how far you're willing to go because to use a mouse you need a decent sized flat surface that is stable and solid. This just doesn't work while sat on a couch, I know because I've tried it. There's just no getting around the fact that to use a mouse and keyboard properly you need to be sat up and preferably at a desk; this is where PC gaming lives and until some genius finds a better way console developers needs to remember what it is.. and what it is not. I'm not anti console at all, I don't know why anyone would be because games are not just about fast framerates, gorgeous graphics and precise controls: games are games and it's more about the experience than anything else. I recently downloaded The Journey on PS4 and had one of the most emotional few hours in gaming I've had in months; myself and a complete stranger went through the entire game together and by the end we had a tangible connection. As we crossed the games threshold together I sat back and pondered where in the world was my single serving friend who I would never meet.


I've seen opinions like mine met with the usual 'PC Master Race' etc and it's a shame because I'd rather gamers embrace their chosen systems and also celebrate other systems (and their users) rather that make boundaries; we're all gamers no matter where or how we play. If you do get a mouse and keyboard for your PS4 then more power to you, maybe I'm wrong and it's the best thing since sliced bread.

So what have I got on the horizon this week? Well for one I'm going to have a jaunt through the DLC for Dying Light and then I've got a choice between the new Kings Quest or Life is Strange, keep watching the site as you'll see a review for both at some point. Of course I'd be remiss not to mention that Gamescom kicks off in Germany this week and I'm expecting to see lots of gaming goodness coming out of Cologne; I'll be doing a blog post or article specifically for this event. I also have some friends who are attending so I hope you guys have fun and the camping goes well and the beer is free-flowing.

Thanks for reading my latest blog post and check back for new content soon.

Peace out,