Happy New Year!



One thing that I have always found is that once you drop out of a game for a week, even a few days, it's near impossible to generate the enthusiasm to get back into that game again. Sometimes it can be a real life issue, another game or a multitude of other reasons but now I think about it this has happened to me a few times this year and usually with the big open world titles.


I remember earlier in the year getting distracted from the Witcher 3 (for a reason I can't remember) and it took a gargantuan amount of willpower to boot up my old save. I've heard this happens to at least some of my gaming friends - in fact one of my gaming habits is to play a game for a few hours and then restart afresh. This in itself I can't really explain other than I find it satisfying applying the things I've learned and usually games will make you do most of the learning in the first hour or two.


So what on earth distracted me from the acclaimed Fallout 4 you may ask - it was a little game called Subnautica. You can find a preview on the articles section for this early access oceanic survival/exploration game and trust me when I tell you it deserves more than a passing look. As my preview explains I picked up Subnautica and Wolfenstein: The New Order in the latest Steam sale, after having a 'quick look' it took nearly a week to finally prise myself away from it and get back on the Fallout 4 horse. Incidentally I have also been plugging away at Wolfenstein and if you enjoy shooters this title is an absolute blast: not only is the gameplay top drawer but there were also a few welcome surprises in the mix. So once again Scully is in search of her infant son in the apocalyptic wasteland and after a few hours sorting through my junk pile I feel like I'm back in the groove - it was touch and go whether I would start a brand new game but after fifty five hours I thought that would be ridiculous even for me.


Last month also saw Valves VR headset ,the Vive, not launch on the 8th of December and in fact get confirmation that it will arrive some time in April of 2016. This was due to a ‘major breakthrough’ which many are now saying is the front facing camera which will allow the user to see the outside world without having to take the unit off: a very cool feature indeed. This is yet another reason why right now the Vive is the headset I would go for: so the question of which to save my pennies for once again has to be revisited. Oculus have also now started taking preorders for the Rift and the price (£500) revealed has many gamers up in arms: largely due to the fact Palmer Lucky gave the impression it would be far less. Regardless the stage is set for 2016 being the year VR finally became a reality: I personally cannot wait to give it a whirl in Elite Dangerous which now has just implemented planetary landings in the expansion Horizons. Expect features on VR and Elite Dangerous very soon.


So now we have Christmas tucked away behind us it’s time to set the wheels in motion again for what should be one amazing year in PC gaming.


I hope wherever you are your gaming is epic.

All the best,