Chicken or the egg?

Games can sometimes be likes buses, you wait for an age and then three come along at once! This month has been absolutely awesome and I've hardly had time to write reviews for the games I've been playing. First we had Rise of Tomb Raider, then XCOM 2 and finally on the same day a few games dropped at once. I have just finished off my Firewatch review and will now be moving straight onto Dying Light: the Following. Firewatch is just a beautiful game that everyone should play: check out my none-spoiler take on it in the reviews section.


As I've stated my main goal was to get the XCOM 2 review out of the door but still keep to one of my founding goals for the site: that every game I review must have been played extensively and get the time it deserves before I give you my honest opinion. It was frustrating for me that the NDA lifted on XCOM 2 so early that most game sites had their reviews live four days before I even started playing. Please don't take my frustration as chagrin towards these sites, it's great they got early access and had a chance to test the game - this way they can give players a really good review before release and let players have an informed choice. However I do see myself more and more in a chicken and the egg situation: hits need relevant reviews and reviews that come out six days after the rest are not very relevant.


So yes, getting visibly is certainly one of the major challenges in setting up a game review site and for anyone else doing the same as me you have my support and sympathy. That all said I love a challenge and I also remember this project was primarily started because I love writing.


So back to games, you can find my thoughts on XCOM 2 and Rise of the Tomb Raider in the reviews section.


In other news I saw this week that Ubisoft have confirmed Watchdogs 2 is in development and will also be with us in 2017. Assuming they started working on it right after the first game this is a reasonable development cycle. I just desperately hope they stay well away from making false promises and hype videos this time around: just make the damn game guys. It was such a shame because to spite the disappointing aspects of Watchdogs it was actually a great game with tonnes of good ideas. Snooping into people's lives and hacking into other people's games was really fun: in fact it was my favourite part of the entire thing. Let's hope they also ditch the lead protagonist and his supporting characters as they were possibly of one the most negative aspects of the title. Just while on Ubisoft If co-op shooters are your thing the open beta for The Division has just finished and you can see my second set of impressions for it in the preview section - release is set for the 8th of March. 


There has also been a little bit of controversy over the announcement from Microsoft that Quantum Break will be arriving on PC as well as Xbox One: like we didn't see that one coming. One content maker in particular has received lots of attention for stating he is cancelling his preorder of said game due to it now being on PC. Honestly, the mind boggles how these people ever become popular in the first place. In addition Microsoft have said the game will only be available on the Windows Store and for Windows 10: Games for Windows Live all over again? It is an interesting topic so expect to see an article on exclusives very soon. One last thing guys, a friend of mine who promotes a website for PC systems has asked me to give him a nod on the site so here it is. If you are thinking about building a system he had tonnes of advice, helpful links and guides on his site - so check them out HERE

So that's it for now guys, if you don't already please follow me on Twitter @riggedforepic as well as on YouTube under the same name. I hope your gaming is epic wherever you are and I'll catch you next time.

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