There be pirates

So I finally got myself a proper mic stand to go with my proper mic: a shiny Blue Snowball had been sitting there for well over a month and after several attempts to balance it on my knees while playing I decided it was time to get a stand. My desk is a weird shape and almost folds around me and in addition, the depth of the wood around the edge is so deep the mic arm clamp can't fit on it. Nothing a bit of sawing and sanding couldn't sort out of course and now I'm finally able to record my dull set tones in all their glory. If you are familiar with the Snowball you will know it certainly lives up to its name. In fact, when the red recording light is on it almost looks like Glados is perched in front of me: let's hope she doesn't take over.


So this week I've gone from batting them indie reviews out and instead jumping head first into the deepest MMO I have ever played. Black Desert Online from the Korean developer Pearl Abyss recently arrived in the EU and North America after getting the localization treatment. With a fairly light few weeks ahead I decided to take the plunge and see what it has to offer. I am trying something slightly new with the review and in fact doing it in stages. The first section I am called a road trip which will effectively be a journal covering my findings and adventures: a final review will follow when I feel I've seen enough of the game. You can find my first chapter and video in the articles section so please check it out. Additionally, if you do have any questions or would like me to look at something specific in the game then email me at

Hackers and cheats have become a permanent part of PC gaming and there are very few multiplayer games that go unscathed. The Division has been getting crucified in recent weeks by players exploiting glitches and unlimited damage hacks. Ubisoft has been slow to respond but under increasing pressure from the industry they have finally started banning players for unscrupulous behaviour. The problem is that even if they vanquished all the hackers tomorrow, the games content library is still woefully lacking. The latest piece of content was pitched as something very special but is effectively just a single room with fifteen waves of enemies. The base game and its free updates post launch had to sell the paid DLC further down the line (assuming you didn't already own a season pass) and they have fallen short of the mark. There is just too little here for me to consider paying for more broken promises, so given there are far more interesting games out there to review I will be focusing my limited time on them.


This week the PC version of Dark Souls 3 has also been getting hit by the hackers and so given this has been a bit of a theme recently I have decided to write an article on cheaters, hackers and them there pirate folks. Look out for it in the articles section this week.


The Overwatch open beta goes live today for anyone who pre-purchased or was given a friends key (I am one of the latter). My initial impressions are it is fast, fun and more polished that a teenager's johnson. I will be recording some footage and be typing up an impressions piece this week so watch out for that. With the second instalment of Hitman is waiting in the wings and an avalanche of new games on the horizon my quiet month with BDO is starting to become a little hectic but damn it aren't we so lucky for having all these games to play.


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