The Witching Hour

So there we have it ladies and gents, it is one year to this week that I launched Rigged for Epic and  it has been an amazing experience so far. My underlining drive to create Rigged was a personal one, a need to write my thoughts down about the games I play and thus it follows that I now wish to share my work. One thing I have found is that many online social hubs, (Reddit, forums etc) are very intolerant towards people like myself sharing my site, which I can understand. However as I speak to other gamers, journalists and content makers alike I feel like my site is now just starting to break through the wall. I am hoping to add new forms of content this coming year including a front page which will offer my readers an easy way to see what's on my site and where they can find it.

The big news of these last few weeks has of course been E3, the annual games event held in LA and it was a cracking show. As usual, the major players in the industry had their own shows to kick off the event and it is here we usually see most of the reveals and new information on games we already know are in development. I have pegged a few of the stand out PC games here complete with trailers. Please let me know if you think I have missed any important games that are coming to PC in the future.

I have finally made a break from playing Overwatch on a daily basis as other games are in need of my attention, although I suspect Blizzard's new shooter will be on my regular playlist for the foreseeable future. So what have I been doing wth my time? Well from Saturday I have delved back into the world of the Witcher and my goal of playing through the entire suite of Witcher 3 content is now well underway. Once again I'm being reminded of why this game sits on the throne of modern day RPGs and I will be letting you guys know my opinion of the two substantial pieces of additional content. As anyone who has played the Witcher 3 will attest to, the game is gargantuan in size and so for the next week, my site will be light on new content.

As most of you will be aware of the Steam summer sale kicked off last week and as many wallets brace for impact, gamers around the world scurry across the vast catalogue of deals on offer. As is always the case, when you have a good Steam sale and snag plenty of games, the next one will always bear less fruit. That said, I already have at least eight games in my cart and I am very much looking forward to bringing you the reviews for these interesting titles: watch this space.

I guess this is not directly relevant to a PC gaming blog but the world is reeling from the news that Britain is to leave the European Union. As someone who loved being part of something bigger I now find myself looking at my own country and not liking what I see. We all know the EU wasn't perfect but this shocking move goes against everything I wanted for my children and the place I call home. To all my friends and readers across the EU, I'm so sorry this has happened and am frankly gutted my nation voted for this course of action. I hope the British games industry does not suffer any ill effects and still continues to be a hotbed of talent and innovation.


That is all for now, guys, I hope whatever you are playing it is epic. If you don't already please follow me on Twitter @riggedforepic and if you have any feedback or comments you can send them to me at

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