Overwatch help group required

I'd taken a few hits but most had been absorbed by my front shield, the D.VA on the opposing team had been making considerable efforts to take me down: maybe a bit of robot rivalry? My team was now making its last push, to take the point and with only a minute remaining it was going to be tight. A dragon from Hanzo only managed to take out their Bastion so we would have to do this the hard way. Our tank class Reinhardt was making a valiant push up the centre with his shield providing cover, we rallied behind him and but they were just too many: a sterling effort with losses on both sides but one by one our team fell and it was over. But then a flash of light, my hands instinctively flew back onto mouse and keyboard: our Mercy had managed to cast her resurrect in the last second before going down. The opposing team were clearly as dumb-struck as us but we recovered faster: in a few seconds the combined firepower of Solider 76 and D.VA obliterated the remaining enemy players. Our Teamspeak channel erupted into joyous rapture and applause for our healer who had saved the day: moments like these are gold and they happen often when playing Overwatch. 

Blizzard's first foray into the FPS genre finally landed last week and the launch was nothing short of flawless: but did we expect anything less from a developer like Blizzard who wrote the book on quality control? I have been surprised how many of my friends have refused to wait for the cosmetic items to drop from loot boxes and instead paid real money to buy them: even then you are still not guaranteed the items you want. I personally am happy to just play the game and wait, maybe that is because I'm older and a little bit more patient. Since Tuesday, I've poured all my spare time into Overwatch and am still feeling fresh and ready for more. However with other games on the horizon, I will soon have to sate my hunger for this absolutely epic arena shooter and cast my attention onto something new. I have reviewed Overwatch and this includes my first video review so please check it out.

May has now come to a close and as we look towards June those hot summer months (or probably only days in the UK) will see a slight vacuum of games in the run up to E3, which is still one of the biggest gaming events of the year. To spite this lull in activity there is still plenty to do, Mirrors Edge Catalyst will arrive on the 7th of June, the original was a slow burning success and now stands as a cult classic for many gamers including myself: check my site for a review soon. We also heard this week that the eagerly awaited No Man's Sky is being put back until July or possibly even August, which is a ways from the June 21st date. To spite feeling like the massively ambitious project will disappoint many, I am really rooting for the small UK based team.

Gamescom is drawing ever closer and I am still assessing whether my health will allow me to visit Cologne this year, however with tickets almost sold out now it's do or die time. I did attend Gamescom a few years back and had an absolute blast meeting many of my digital friends (because they are not real according to my wife) and also attending the VIP Wildstar party: that seems like a long time ago now. Assuming funding and health are willing this will be the first year I attend with Rigged for Epic to consider: alas I will need to start thinking about an actual website logo and some promotional leaflets.

The last piece of DLC for the Witcher 3 is now here and as the old Warcraft saying goes: 'I am not prepared'. The plan was always to start playing the Witcher 3 base game a few weeks before the last DLC dropped but due to time constraints (Overwatch) it has not worked out that way. So starting this week I will be heading back into the world of the Witcher once more, this time with a few goals of my own: first and foremost to achieve a better ending than my last effort. Secondly to explore the world a little more with a view to take on more of the excellent side quests. Most of all, and I guess the most obvious, is to run right through into both of the substantial DLC packages that will extend the game by a whopping fifty or so hours.

So last but certainly not least I played through Uncharted 4 last week and while I won't be doing a review you can check out some of my screenshots here. Uncharted 4 is by far one of the prettiest games I've ever played and displays a level of polish that might even give Blizzard a run for their money.

That's all for now folks, as always you can follow me on Twitter @riggedforepic, subscribe to my YouTube channel under the same name and if you wish to contact me you can do so at riggedforepic@gmail.com. 

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