All Change

It has been an interesting few weeks in the world of technology and no mistake. Apple has apparently changed everything (again), VR has seen a huge drop off in sales and Sony have dropped a bollock with their new system. My theory is that console manufacturers are racing to release new hardware in an attempt to fill the ever growing gap between console and PC performance. So while not directly related to PC gaming it is still fascinating to watch these tectonic plates shifting under our feet. After this topic hit its third paragraph in my blog post I decided to make it into an article of its own so you can read my thoughts on the PlayStation 4 Pro here. Regardless of what happens with the new system, I cannot wait to check out the new Spiderman game.

This last week I have been getting stuck into the open beta of Battlefield One and for the most part, I absolutely love it. Out of all my friends who have tried it, not everyone shares my enthusiasm for the latest offering from Dice. Set in the First World War this era of conflict is rarely used and so feels fresh. There is no mistaking this is a Battlefield game with many of the systems from Battlefield 4 being dragged and dropped into the new title. I haven't played BF4 a while now so maybe that has helped this new game feel neoteric, but I really think the weapons and vehicles that come with the new setting fit Battlefield like a glove. I have penned my impressions of the beta here and for those that don't care for reading I have strung together some of my finer moments in the beta. If you don't watch the entire video I urge to at least watch until the second clip where my trusty steed avenges me after being shot off my horse.

As the release for Dishonored 2 is getting ever closer I decided  it was high time I gave the original a little poke: as it turns out Dishonored is ageing very well indeed. One aspect of the game that really stood out in my play through was how well the visuals have held up. As I detail in my retro review, the art team used a wonderful painterly effect which is just shy of cell shading. Combining a stunning use of light and a rock solid engine makes Dishonored relevant way beyond its years. You can check out my retro review here.

I just wanted to mention that one of my favourite mainstream games Journalists has moved on from his job a Gamespot to pursue a new endeavour. Danny O'Dwyer has given up a job he loved to try his hand at freelance where he is hoping to create a unique space on the internet that will be home to many quality documentaries about gaming. I love the idea of someone making actual observations of the games industry and leaving a vault of information for future generations to see.  If like me you have ever enjoyed his work on the Point and other gaming content you know this guy will do us proud. His new venture is called NoClip and you can find him trail blazing across the tinterweb here: I wish him all the very best.

Looking forward to this next few weeks I have got plenty to keep me busy and my first port in the storm will be none other that by old friend Bioshock. Just this morning I've set both the first remastered games to download and as soon as I return from a family trip on Sunday I'll be descending into Rapture once more. As mentioned already I'll be doing a full run of all three games and their respective DLC: then writing three comprehensive retro reviews which will include how the remaster has changed things. For those that don't know Bioshock Infinite has not received an update on PC because it was still too sexy to bother. Bioshock aside I have also been blasting my way through Everspace since yesterday and so you can expect a full early access preview soon.

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