So as the latest Steam sale comes to its close I wanted to just give a nod to the games that I think you should be aware of, especially when in some cases they have been drastically reduced in price. Alas time is short and soon the sale will be over so grab your credit card, fire up Steam and follow me on a whistle stop tour of the deals you would be mad to miss. All gameplay screenshots are my own captures which you can check out in the shooting gallery.

Hot and heavy

So for most PC gamers the RPG genre will be a staple and in the Steam sale this year there are some corkers. Here are the big RPG's that I think you really should take a look at.


Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt (and DLC)
£17.99 (£36.84 with expansion pass)

This game shouldn't need any introduction and as it happens I am right now ploughing my way through the base game again with the intention of running straight into the two substantial pieces of DLC that have followed. So I'll just say it, The Witcher 3 is in my opinion the best RPG ever created so at this price you really should pick it up. Not only is the game world compelling and immense but even the side quests are of a quality rarely seen in any game. Just bear in mind, to run it on max settings you will need a fairly beefy rig. I did review it back when it released and you can check that out here, an updated review will follow when I have completed the additional Heart of Stone and Blood and Wine. 

Fallout 4

The Fallout games have always attracted attention for their excellent world design and player driven narrative. This latest Fallout from Bethesda is fanstastic and while there are still a few classic wrinkles there is no denying that you get a lot of content here. If you are looking for a deep RPG that will last weeks and months then you will struggle to find a better contender. You can check out my review here if you want a more in-depth take and what I thought.



I really enjoyed this title and it is by far the best game based on the cruel world of Max we have seen to date. The car and beautifully sparse world steal the show with decent RPG elements and excellent car-based combat. The downside to this game is you do end up feeling like it was padded out towards the end and the combat on foot is fairly weak (but not bad). For this price this is a solid game and well worth a look, check out my review here.


You must own this game!

So there are some games which in my opinion don't even need the question 'should I buy this?' If you see a game in this category and you don't own it for a bizarre reason I would strongly urge you to at least check a few reviews, ideally mine so you can see what I'm raving about!


Metro 2033 and Metro 2033 Last Light: Redux
£3.74 each

If you were to ask me to recommend a game so atmospheric it affected you, hours after powering down your rig: Metro 2033 would be that game. Set in a world where the remnants of Russian civilisation exists in the Metro tunnels below Moscow you must learn to survive as you step into the shoes of Artyom. The original felt unfinished but the team went back and remastered both games (Redux) with stunning effect, transforming them into one coherent experience that will leave you exhausted and exhilarated. Trust me when I tell you to buy these two games, darken your gaming room, light a few candles and experience true survival horror. You can check out my review here.


Shadow of Mordor GOTY

I have always considered one of the most important roles of an action game is to make the player feel powerful. Shadow of Mordor is set within the Lord of the Rings universe and while many of it's core characters show up, the game certainly carves its own path. The action is sublime, the way you can decimate the orc hordes is the very essence of satisfaction and for this price, you can't go wrong. One of the stand out features has to be the way the orc hierarchy dynamically shifts depending on your actions, you can read more in my review here.


Who doesn't like a good revenge story? Dishonoured has to be one of the best first-person action games in history with tonnes of replay value. While it is true the game is getting a little long in the tooth now make no mistake, Dishonoured is a classic you cannot miss. The world is saturated in details but it is the exquisite gameplay, intelligent systems and the way you can approach each situation in multiple ways that set it apart. For such a small price you get so much, I would also recommend picking up the DLC as it adds a vast amount to the conclusion of the games characters.



If you have never heard of XCOM I would wager you are yourself an alien impostor, this IP has been around since I was at school and in recent years has made a well deserved comeback under in the excellent watch of Firaxis. XCOM 2 took the brave decision to launch as a PC only game and so came with a level of graphical detail and fidelity only possible on PC. This price isn't a huge drop but then again the game only came out recently, if you like tactical shooters they don't get any better than this. You can read my review here.


Deals and Steals

So these are a few other games I spotted in this sale which I think are certainly worth a look. Obviously, these are based on my tastes and preferences but that's the beauty of a Steam sale: the games are so cheap you can take a few chances here and there.



I took such a chance on this title last year blimey what a cracking game it turned out to be. It is still a work in progress so just bear that in mind but what we already have is certainly worth the ticket for entry. Stranded on a world covered almost entirely by water you must delve down into the depths to scavenge recources, fend off hunger and also the creatures that see you as their next meal. Subnautica has been gathering attention this year and rightly so, you can check out my preview for more details.



I love how the indie scene has exploded in recent years and that is largely thanks to games like Bastion. Smart, instantly intriguing and a joy to play from start to finish. I love how the narrator actually follows what you are doing in the game and for this reason your actions and the story mesh into one. At £2.74 just grab it, you won't regret it.


Alien Isolation

It's funny, the IGN review of this game was one of the reasons I actually decided to start reviewing games myself. I was so at odds with what the reviewer was saying I felt compelled to write down my own thoughts on  this rather excellent survival horror game that is set between the first Alien Film and Aliens. The game world is just brimming with details from the style of the first film and I found the alien itself to be ruthless and relentless: just as it should be. You absolutely must play this game in a darkened room with a good set of headphone, trust me: you will jump! Check out my review here.