Hello and welcome to Rigged for Epic!

So who am I and what am I doing here? My name is Lee and most know me in the gaming world as Genophix. I am a humble gamer from the north of England and for as long as I can remember I have enjoyed computer games across most platforms. I do feel privileged to have seen the games industry grow from its origins to the vast and complex juggernaut it is today. For some the games industry is a job or career, others a source of endless entertainment or a way to wind down after a hard days work. For some it's simply a quick distraction while sat on a train or bus.

Front and center of the games industry are consoles and for the most part this is how it's always been. For gamers and none gamers alike it is consoles and their assorted ambassadors who we think of when looking at the games industry. For various reasons (money being the main one) the console market is the bread and butter for most game developers and as such consoles get the majority of publicity and exposure. It often pains me to see cross platform games advertised with 'Xbox/Playstation' emblazoned across the bottom when I know there is a PC version which looks, sounds and plays far better. Given the core drive for my site is to champion the PC I feel like I need to say, I love all games platforms including console and recognize they offer accessibility and a cheaper initial investment. I've played some amazing games on console such as The Last of Us and currently own a PS4. I do however find it incredible that many console orientated gamers are still not aware of what PC gaming is actually like and what it can offer.


The PC has always been there and has seen many improvements over the years but it is essentially the same core idea it was when I first started off gaming. It's the specialist, the unsung hero, the far more capable and yet far less lauded gaming platform when compared to consoles. The PC for me represents freedom and unlimited potential, a system that can grow, expand.. a system not closed by boundaries and that can be exactly what you need it to be. Very much the same way as Jedi build their own Lightsabers and Mad Max his own car: PC gamers can build their own PC rigs from scratch. It then becomes more than just a gaming PC, it's a unique machine optimized and honed for jaw dropping performance. 


The graphical capabilities of a PC rig can tear strips off consoles and grace your eyes with shocking realism, blisteringly fast frame rates and almost no load times. PC games are also cheaper than console game by a considerable margin and when a sale on Steam comes around you can pick up tens of big games for a few quid. As the open nature of PC games suggests you can also tinker with the games themselves with mods. One example of this is Skyrim, a vast game in its own right but once you have access to mods this game can be changed far beyond its original vision with hyper real graphics and thousands of new features.. all for free.


So all considered why has the PC never gained mainstream traction?





Well the initial outlay for a good gaming rig has always been a major factor in putting new gamers off however while this initially is true PC gaming has never been so cheap. You essential have two options, build or buy and if you do build a PC a you can half your costs. At the time of writing you could build a very powerful gaming rig for less than a £1000. You can of course spend many thousands but this is often for cutting edge performance which offers small gains.

The second deal breaker in my opinion is an idea, an idea that while once true is no longer the case and that is that PC gaming is unstable and games often won't work. The days of sound card incompatibility issues or driver  issues are pretty much history. Even building a PC from scratch can be done in an afternoon with a good guide or helper. In the last two years I have had no problems with any games I've played, the idea that PC gaming is temperamental and messy still lingers though and that idea is one I would like to help put to bed. There is the old saying, you get what you pay for and here is no exception. Paying for a gaming PC may be more expensive at the start it's true but if you want your games to look the very best they can with every advantage possible it's on PC you will find this and for a lifelong gamer like me this is not even a choice.


So to answer the question as to why I am here? I am here to champion the PC as not only a viable games platform but to help the PC take its place in mainstream gaming. The PC being open and free is one of its greatest assets but also one of its greatest weaknesses because unlike consoles there is no one voice for the platform. However due to the efforts of many companies like Valve and NVidia, PC gaming has had a very good few years.

I am also going to be reviewing PC games here and giving my opinions on how they fair. While I'm currently a one man operation these will limited to a few games a month but I hope you find them well written and worthy of your time. I will also be offering readers to write their own experiences which will then be featured on the website and there is now also blog. In-between new games I'll be constantly digging up old games and in essence retro reviewing them as I play. You never know, you might have missed a must play game.


So there it is ladies and gents, PC gaming is the core of this website and the games we play will be our fuel for epic gaming. As the website develops I am hoping to add new features and ideas but for now I hope you enjoy your stay and if you do like us please tell your friends about Rigged for Epic.

If you have any feedback, suggestions or criticisms please feel free to fire them my way at Riggedforepic@gmail.com