Uncharted Waters

Heya guys,


So we've been live for two weeks now and it's been an amazing experience so far. Seeing the little bump appear on the 'visits to your site' metric was a great feeling. If I'm honest I knew who it was because I'd told them the site was live (thank you Ishvii) but since then we've had plenty more visitors. It's also abundantly clear I don't have a clue what I'm doing and riding uncharted territory but it's also a wonderful feeling to be finally out there.


As anyone who has read my mission statement will know this site isn't about making money, it's about getting the word out there about PC gaming and how incredible it is. It's also (I hope) going to be another voice standing up for PC gaming because all too often we are the last consideration for developers. This week I played through and completed Batman Arkham Knight which is currently surrounded by controversy and in a weird way gives me a reason to thunder on. I hope and I pray other developers have taken a good look at what happens when they take the piss out of their customers: nerd rage can be a force of nature.  As the dust settles the events of this past week make me look to the future: primarily at the games we are looking forward to this year. For me personally it's Fallout 4, Xcom 2 and Metal Gear Solid 4: The Phantom Pain. However the latter has presented me with a conundrum.


I'm a PC gamer first and foremost but I do own a PS4 and enjoy the games I play on it. I play Resogun daily, (one life and once I'm dead that's it until tomorrow). As games have appeared on PC such as GTA 5 I have traded in my PS4 copies, as the GTA 5 port was absolutely spot on and exactly what a PC port should look like. I do own MGS: Ground Zeros on PS4 and had planned to get Phantom Pain on PS4 also, but now I hear the PC version is getting a simultaneous release date.. One of my little quirks is that with any game series I absolutely must play it across the same platform and if possible with the same control method (mouse and keyboard usually). So expect a MGS: Phantom Pain review for PC very soon after it's release. If I get time I will take a look at Ground Zeros again on PC in the run up to the release of Phantom Pain.


In other news we have a big Witcher 3 patch landing this week, finally we can stash our goods all over the show and not have to drag a small library around the land; this for me is more welcome than any DLC update. Now Batman has been beaten I've jumped back into the Witcher 3 as there is still a tonne to do and I've not even touched the DLC yet.


As I scoot around the net and look at various sites the inclusion of video to the site has been something on my mind. Initially I was going to keep the site very simple, just good honest reviews that don't have a score, just an opinion and a good discussion on the game's merits. However I'm now really considering doing some video content and inflicting my face on the internet, watch this space for more information.